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    On Campus Visits

    Personal Visits

    The College of Idaho welcomes prospective students and their families to visit campus. Please select a visit date from the calendar below, and consider the guidelines posted when scheduling your visit. We also recommend that when choosing your visit date to please reference the College’s Academic Calendar. This will ensure that classes are in session (if you wish to sit-in on a class) and that faculty and staff you wish to visit with will be available. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience – we look forward to welcoming you to campus very soon!

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    Are you flying to campus for your visit?

    Check out our fly-in reimbursement page to see if you qualify for up to $250

    Upcoming Events 

    On-Campus events at The College of Idaho are a great opportunity to experience the College in a different light. Each event is uniquely tailored to showcase a different aspect of our diverse campus. Some events will feature a mock class taught by our award-winning faculty, while others will focus on the high impact practices that all of our students undertake. Click on an upcoming event below to learn more and to complete your registration.

    Kathryn Albertson Scholarship Competition

    This unique event awards scholarships in varying amounts to approximately 200 students who compete each year. Here’s how it works:

    • Select a day and time during the competition
    • Take a written exam
    • Interview with a professor
    • Enjoy a free lunch in our cafeteria and a campus tour
    • Winners get $2,500 per year, runner-ups get $1,000 per year, and all other competitors receive $500 per year

    Here are the requirements:

    • Students must be High School Seniors
    • Students must submit an application to The College of Idaho prior to their competition date (Apply here)
    • Students must submit an official high school transcript prior to their competition date and have a 3.0 cumulative gpa
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    Admitted Student Days

    Admitted Students Days celebrate students’ acceptance to The College of Idaho and help ensure they are ready to start their first year off on the right foot. This is a time to sit down and analyze if your major and minor choices are the best combination to achieve your goals. Students who are still undecided can use this time to thoroughly reflect on what it is they want to accomplish and receive guidance from first-year advisors. Students and families will also have the opportunity to speak with current students, members of the Parent Council, and college staff to learn more about campus life and what it means to be a Yote.

    Only students who have already been accepted to The College of Idaho will receive an invitation to this event. If you have further questions, please contact your Admission Counselor or email our Visit Center. 

    Select an event below to learn more or to reserve your seat at the event.